Toilet design should fit your body. We are the makers of original design toilets: Convenient Height (extra tall category) and Convenient Size (extra wide category)

bathroom revolution toilet

compare-to-toto-kohler-american-standard-toiletsCompare standard height toilet with our ADA requirements exceeding toilets

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Proudly manufacturing America's tallest residential toilets

ADA toilet that is more beautiful than any other
A Convenient Height toilet is a great opportunity to enhance bathroom’s accessibility, to upgrade a room you use every day, to lift its feel and functionality, and brighten daily life.
  • Toilet bowl height innovation helps with knee, hip, back, mobility
  • Helps setting up bathrooms for post-surgery recovery
  • Perfect for aging in place and enhancing home accessibility
  • Compatible with physical therapy guidelines
  • Balanced design flawlessly works with all style home interiors
  • Toilets Designed and Tested in Massachusetts
Super tall bowl elevation adds some more power to the siphonic flush
Super tall toilet bowl elevation adds more power to the siphonic flush and flushes better than most gravity-assisted toilets: learn more

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